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liquid mercury


21 June
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hey:) i just finished my french degree at WMU and i'm back in schoo, persuing a degree in nursing. i LOVE hockey and the red wings are basically the center of my world. i'm VERY easily distracted, and anything that is shiny will hold my attention for hours. i'm a total bookworm and damn proud of it! i'm also one of those freaks that just really likes school, and i suspect it has something to do with my undying love for school supplies. i work a lot and i love my job. those kids man, they grow on you!

my journal is now friends only and it's going to stay that way. so drop me a line if you want an add. however, if you are one of those drama-lovin' folk, kindly leave me alone.

my world revolves around kids: special needs kids, foster kids, kids up for adoption, kids with emotional and developmental disorders, kids that have the best hearts and need good role models, kids that just need someone to care about them, and kids that have everything anyone could need and/or want and put a smile on other people's faces! seeing kids in pain or in trouble is horrible. just be aware: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children